Limited Lifetime Free Chip Repair Warranty

Limited Lifetime Free Chip Repair WarrantyAS OF September 15, 2016, purchases made on or after.

Only applies to new windshield purchases from Sentinel Glass. The new windshield must be installed by Sentinel Glass. Windshield must be purchased at regular retail price. DOES NOT APPLY TO DISCOUNTED PRICING. Valid for noncommercial use vehicles up to 1 ton only. The warranty is limited to the original purchaser for as long as they own the windshield. Original proof of purchases must be presented at time of repair. No exceptions.

Repairs will be no charge up to 2 inches. And cracks up to 4 inches. Anything larger will be stop drilled. During the first 12 months after purchases, the client has the option for a mobile repair if they choose. For the remaining life of the windshield warranty the repairs must be scheduled and the vehicle must be brought to our facility for repair at our discretion as time allows.

Sentinel Glass reserves the rights to change, update, or discontinue this warranty without notice at any time. If the warranty is discontinued. All purchases up to the date of warranty discontinuation will be honored